Buyer’s Inspection

A buyer’s inspection is the industry standard home inspection. A buyer receives a comprehensive review of the subject property through non invasive and non destructive observations. This information is normally found helpful in determining if the buyer would like to move forward with their purchase or negotiate for needed safety repairs prior to taking possession of the property. At Collins Inspection Services, we follow the California Real Estate Inspector’s Association’s (CREIA) guidelines known as the Standards of Practice. This guideline spells out a detailed list of what will (and will not) be inspected and reported on. Of course we always go above and beyond to give our clients the most complete report possible within reason.

For the best results, it is preferred that we inspect the property without furniture or other obstructions present. We realize this is not always possible and try and coordinate with the representing real estate agents and occupants to ensure there are no obstructions to critical areas of the inspection such as crawl spaces, attic areas, utility closets and garages.

We are no longer providing this service in the Greater Sacramento Area.

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