Mold Inspection

Awareness of mold and mold allergies has become common place in the Greater Sacramento Area.  If you have concerns that you may be living in or purchasing a house that has mold problems in the greater Boise area, call us to investigate.  We can perform air sampling to verify if airborne mold spores exist and identify if the spores are likely to be of the hazardous nature.  We can perform a full site assessment as a part of the mold testing to try and locate the source of the mold (sometimes characterized by a musty odor)

Do you have a visible mold problem in Eagle, Meridian, Nampa or Boise and just want to know what type it is?  We can sample and test visible mold to determine it’s hazard levels and likely identify what type it is.


For independent testing in Boise and surrounding areas call us at (208) 423-8070